In about one hour I should be half way through a speech on Internet addiction in my MC452 class.  I know the material well, so I should do great on it.  Speaking in front of people doesn’t bother me because I just adopt the attitude that I don’t care what the audience thinks.  This technique may sound a bit cocky, but it works wonders.  I’ve got a few stories I can throw in there to help people relate to the topic, so I don’t believe this will be a typical boring speech that people are expecting.

Sometime within the next few days I plan on doing a few changes to the Gluthole sidebar, possibly even adjusting the header of the site a bit, as it doesn’t display properly for people who are using the Opera browser.  This isn’t Opera’s fault, it’s mine, and I had better get it together because Opera’s following has been growing ever since they released version 8 for free.