Turkey Day

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Well, tallincurran.com now has a temporary page up with a few examples of audio stuff I produced while in my audio production class.  I made it so that gluthole.com and tallincurran.com are the same site by making tallincurran.com a pointer to gluthole.com.  Basically, if you were to go to gluthole.com/audio, it is the same thing as going to tallincurran.com/audio.  The same is true for subdomains.  I am hosting a video for a band, Inimical Drive, over at inimicaldrive.gluthole.com.  Going to inimicaldrive.tallincurran.com will take you to the same page.

Happy Thanksgiving, people.  Eat a lot of turkey, but don’t blame it on tryptophan.


Master of my domain

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I am now the owner of tallincurran.com. I’ve been wanting to register that domain for a while, but I never got around to it. Now it’s done. Well, almost. The status of the registration is pending, but I know there won’t be any problems with that process. I will legally own tallincurran.com within 24 hours.

I’ll use it to point to my webspace when the gluthole.com domain expires, and I’ll have it on business cards and resumes whenever I graduate and start looking for a real job. The front page will be dedicated to my demo work with audio, video, and anything else I feel can help me get a job.

Loaded up and truckin’

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East Bound and Down is one of the best songs ever. That’s a fact. The fast finger picking and lyrics of Jerry Reed just make you want to drive at least of 90 miles per hour. It also makes you want to outrun the police. If a cop tries to pull me over and that song happens to be playing, he’ll end up chasing me across a minimum of four counties, guaranteed.

East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’

A’we gonna do what they say can’t be done

We’ve got a long way to go, and a short time to get there

I’m east bound, just watch ol’ Bandit run

Glad ad

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This is an ad I had to do for my advertising class. The ad had to be a product that could relate to Thanksgiving in some way.

Glad Ad(408 kb)

Free of charge

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Looks like I don’t have to pay anything for my car problem.

Apparently my car is odd, and in order to replace the alternator they had to remove the ball joint and do some stuff underneath.  Tom told my grandma that he doesn’t know if they guy who was supposed to tighten the ball joint tightened it too much, too little, or didn’t put it back on at all, but Tom accepted full responsibility and fixed it free of charge.

While it was one hell of an inconvenience, the way I look at it, he could have easily said it wasn’t their fault and charged me an arm and a leg for the repair.  Hopefully I won’t have any other problems any time soon, but if I do I will definitely be taking my car back to Tom’s Auto Repair.

On its way to the UK

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I just finished shipping the transmitter back to Veronica, LTD.  It should be headed to the United Kingdom sometime tonight or tomorrow.  Specifically, to Keighley, near Leeds and Liverpool.

That bastard cost $47.10 to ship.  It will all be worth it as long as it comes back fixed and tuned to 100.1.  Then The Radio can rule the airwaves of Granite City once again.

Under warranty

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Good news for The Radio.  Veronica contacted Kenny and said they would fix the transmitter for free under warranty.  The only thing we have to do is pay for the shipping, which won’t be cheap since it’s in England.  And it did take them forever to ship us this thing in the first place, so I don’t look forward to having an operational radio station until around Christmas.

Now would be the time for anybody who wants to be involved with the station to start deciding about programming and other various things.  The giant-shuffled playlist got tired real quick.

The only other upgrade the station really needs, besides a heightened antenna, is a larger hard drive for music.  I already purchased a decent microphone, a mixer, and installed 256MB of RAM.

It probably wouldn’t hurt for Rick O’Shay to pre-record some shows.  That is, of course, if he has time.

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