A summer possibility

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Well, I made the Dean’s List this semester.  Woo hoo!  More importantly, I’m edging closer and closer to graduation.  Many of my friends graduated last Saturday and I wondered how close I was to my own degree.  Of course, my friends that graduated didn’t screw around their first two years or change their major multiple times like I did.  Fortunately, I’m not too far behind.

As long as I finish my 15 credit hours for this coming semester and I take three courses and my internship in the summer – a total of 12 credit hours – I will graduate in Summer ’06.

With a load like that in the summer I won’t be able to work much, which means little to no cashflow.  I think it will be worth it, plus my mom and my grandparents will be willing to help out if necessary.

I can see the finish line.


Studio T

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I’m going to have a decent home studio for recording voice overs and anything else I might want this Christmas. I’ll have three large additions to my current setup, and I’ll finally be able to call it an actual studio.

Studio T (as of 12/25/2005)

Not too shabby. All I really need now are a couple of better microphones (which isn’t anything to sneeze at, since they would cost over $2,000 together), studio monitors, and a sound booth, which I could make from plywood and acoustic foam.


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Yesterday, I went to the radio station for 89.9 WLCA yesterday with Dennis Schetter, one of the guys who will be hosting their new morning show starting January 2.  He asked me if I would help with some segment ideas and voice overs and things like that.  I agreed, because I love doing this kind of stuff.

When we walked into one of the production rooms I met Chris Schroge, who was working on beds (looped background music that you hear DJs talk over) for the new show in Pro Tools.  Chris and Dennis are the two hosts of The Wake Up Show, which will be on 89.9 FM from 6:00am to 9:00am, Mondays thru Fridays.

Dennis showed me around the studios and then we started to do some stuff on the mic.  We recorded a promo for a show that doesn’t exist (Law & Order: Mall Enforcement Unit), did some promos for the show with Bill Cosby and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and did some promos for television shows on NBC and FOX (“Tonight on Joey, the same crap you saw 9 years ago on Friends, except this time it’s in LA!”).

I had a great time, and it looks like I’ll be heading up there once every week or two to record some fresh ideas.  I can also do some of them from my house, since I’ve got a decent studio setup here.  If you live in the area, make sure you listen to The Wake Up Show, starting January 2 at 6:00am on 89.9 WLCA.

Joke writer

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My friend Donovan Smithers, who is part of the Indiana-based comedy troupe Essential Stupidity, asked me if I would write some jokes for his live show like I did for the news broadcast.  I had previously e-mailed him a few of the jokes and he liked them.  He wants to use them during the blackout segments of his show, when one skit ends and another begins.  They would have the jokes pre-recorded and just play one joke while they getting things set up, to give the audience a few more things to laugh at.  At least I’m hoping they’ll laugh.

I’ll also get a writer credit.  Yippee!

Finals finally finalized

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I finished my finals Monday, which means no more school until January 9.  Looks like I’ll be getting 3 A’s and a B.  Hooray for me.

I’m going in tomorrow after work to drop off my text books, a few library books, pay for next semester, and dub all my video production projects from the Avid servers onto a MiniDV.  The final version of the news broadcast is on there, and I’m afraid to watch it all.  I hate watching myself on TV.  I’m not sure why, I just do, but I still need to get it for my portfolio.  If I don’t get it by Friday I’ll have to copy it from somebody else because Gus and John, the engineers at SIUE, delete all files from the Avid servers.

I changed my mind again

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Well, now I don’t want Pro Tools 7 and the Mbox 2.  I decided that my Edirol UA-25 does everything the Mbox does (and at a better 24-bit/96kHz), and there is plenty of software out there I can experiment with that does everything Pro Tools does, just maybe not as easily.  I can deal with the learning curve.

This means my mom is going to get me something else for any audio recording I may do, I just have yet to tell her what I want.  Probably some expensive compressor/limiter or a mixer or something to that effect.  I’m not sure yet.

My grandma is probably still going to get me the Behringer UltraVoice 2496.  That seems like a good deal for that item, but then again, it’s Behringer.  They sell quality gear for less than the other companies.  The Radio’s mixer is a small Behringer, and while we haven’t been able to use it much, it seems to be a nice, noise-free mixer.

Speaking of The Radio, looks like the transmitter will be back in Granite City by tomorrow or Friday.  Commercial-free radio will once again blanket Granite City.  Woo hoo!


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We were supposed to tape the news program today we have been preparing in my video production class.  We did run through it, but due to some technical glitches the taping has been pushed back to Thursday.  Everybody did a good job, it’s just that some jobs are harder than others and there hasn’t really been a whole lot of time to practice.

At least I’ll get some more use out of this suit.

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