I’ve been up since 1:00am yesterday morning. This means I’ve been awake for over 34 hours. Wow. Paper writing, paper research, work, school, eating, Internet browsing, and Cinderella Man. This is what I have done with my nearly 1.5 days without sleep. I haven’t stayed up this long in about 4 or 5 years.

Another person has jumped onboard The Radio. My friend Jonathan Cox seems very interested in producing a talk show of some sort and a local music show with an eclectic taste. The Radio needs all the content it can get. If Jonathan comes through and does these programs I’m sure they will be well done.

Planning for The Radio doesn’t seem to be moving along like I hoped it would. There is no quality exchange of ideas taking place, on the Basecamp account I created or otherwise. People just aren’t as interested in it as I am, I suppose. On the surface it does seem I have the most to gain, since I can use quality material for a demo tape when I go out into the real world. Everyone else is just doing it for a hobby.