Well, now I don’t want Pro Tools 7 and the Mbox 2.  I decided that my Edirol UA-25 does everything the Mbox does (and at a better 24-bit/96kHz), and there is plenty of software out there I can experiment with that does everything Pro Tools does, just maybe not as easily.  I can deal with the learning curve.

This means my mom is going to get me something else for any audio recording I may do, I just have yet to tell her what I want.  Probably some expensive compressor/limiter or a mixer or something to that effect.  I’m not sure yet.

My grandma is probably still going to get me the Behringer UltraVoice 2496.  That seems like a good deal for that item, but then again, it’s Behringer.  They sell quality gear for less than the other companies.  The Radio’s mixer is a small Behringer, and while we haven’t been able to use it much, it seems to be a nice, noise-free mixer.

Speaking of The Radio, looks like the transmitter will be back in Granite City by tomorrow or Friday.  Commercial-free radio will once again blanket Granite City.  Woo hoo!