Yesterday, I went to the radio station for 89.9 WLCA yesterday with Dennis Schetter, one of the guys who will be hosting their new morning show starting January 2.  He asked me if I would help with some segment ideas and voice overs and things like that.  I agreed, because I love doing this kind of stuff.

When we walked into one of the production rooms I met Chris Schroge, who was working on beds (looped background music that you hear DJs talk over) for the new show in Pro Tools.  Chris and Dennis are the two hosts of The Wake Up Show, which will be on 89.9 FM from 6:00am to 9:00am, Mondays thru Fridays.

Dennis showed me around the studios and then we started to do some stuff on the mic.  We recorded a promo for a show that doesn’t exist (Law & Order: Mall Enforcement Unit), did some promos for the show with Bill Cosby and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and did some promos for television shows on NBC and FOX (“Tonight on Joey, the same crap you saw 9 years ago on Friends, except this time it’s in LA!”).

I had a great time, and it looks like I’ll be heading up there once every week or two to record some fresh ideas.  I can also do some of them from my house, since I’ve got a decent studio setup here.  If you live in the area, make sure you listen to The Wake Up Show, starting January 2 at 6:00am on 89.9 WLCA.