I woke up early this morning to help out a bit with The Wake Up Show before I had to be at Leroy’s at 8am.  I found a few news articles of interest about cheerleading injuries and the top downloaded songs according to Nielsen that Dennis and Chris talked about on the air, and then I pulled out the Bill Cosby impression for a improv interview.  On Martin Luther King Jr. Day of all days.

We all think it went pretty well, although the listening audience was probably pretty small considering many people were off work today, therefore sleeping in.  I talked about Jell-O Pudding Pops (of course), Tempestt Bledsoe being a “fat bitch,” and berated Chris and Dennis for playing the Sanford and Son theme song and then the Diff’rent Strokes theme song.  I said I looked nothing like Redd Foxx or Gary Coleman and asked them if they thought all black people looked alike.

Just to make a note of it, the “Radio” category has been altered to include anything I do that is radio-related, not just news for 100.1 The Radio.