The Electro-Voice RE27 N/D

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I just won a bid for an Electro-Voice RE27 N/D dynamic microphone after the guy who actually won didn’tRE27 N/D end up buying it for one reason or another. Now I’ll have a microphone used in radio stations and voice over productions all over the United States. I still want a couple of other microphones, but I had to strike on this one since I got it for a great price.

This one will be great because it exhibits no proximity effect, which is basically a technical way of saying I don’t have to be positioned in one place all the time for the mic to pick up my voice in the same way. With my current condenser mic, and most condensers, the closer you get the more pronounced the bass becomes and the louder your voice becomes.  Dynamics aren’t as sensitive to this. Radio DJs often prefer dynamics because it gives them a bit more freedom to move, rather than have their head locked into a single position while talking.

Once I get a shock mount for it I’ll be good to go.

Hopefully the mic will be here Saturday.  Hooray for me.


I’m on a commercial kick

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The best commercial for health insurance EVER!

Speaking of great Super Bowl commercials…


Terry Tate: Office Linebacker. The first and best Terry Tate ad, extended version.


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The FedEx commercial that ran during the Super Bowl was probably my favorite. This post also lets me experiment with including video hosted on Google Video.

The Weekend Report and 30 Boxes

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I’m doing the Weekend Report on WLCA now. I’m only making it to WLCA on Fridays now, but Sunday nights I compile some of the weekend’s more important news, entertainment news, give a small review of SNL, and read off the top 5 movies at the box office. I’m trying to keep the reports between 2 and 3 minutes and have been successful thus far. I’d like to implement more sound effects, soundbites, and music into the report in order to spice it up a bit. So far it has been just me talking, and I know that can get boring. I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to really make these reports pop. Hopefully this coming Sunday I’ll be able to create something that is much better.

I found a great online calendar that uses AJAX called 30 Boxes. It seems to be a calendar program I’ll actually use, and it has a great, easy-to-use interface. It has a great “buddy” method of adding other 30 Boxes users and integrating your calendar with theirs while still giving you the option to only view your own calendar, or only view their calendar. You can also invite people to events on your calendar. I tried Airset, and while it can send you text messages to remind you of events, I simply don’t like the interface. 30 Boxes will be rolling out even more features in the weeks to come.