I just won a bid for an Electro-Voice RE27 N/D dynamic microphone after the guy who actually won didn’tRE27 N/D end up buying it for one reason or another. Now I’ll have a microphone used in radio stations and voice over productions all over the United States. I still want a couple of other microphones, but I had to strike on this one since I got it for a great price.

This one will be great because it exhibits no proximity effect, which is basically a technical way of saying I don’t have to be positioned in one place all the time for the mic to pick up my voice in the same way. With my current condenser mic, and most condensers, the closer you get the more pronounced the bass becomes and the louder your voice becomes.  Dynamics aren’t as sensitive to this. Radio DJs often prefer dynamics because it gives them a bit more freedom to move, rather than have their head locked into a single position while talking.

Once I get a shock mount for it I’ll be good to go.

Hopefully the mic will be here Saturday.  Hooray for me.