I won $100

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Super SlotsI had a $10 winning scratch off in my car from about a week ago and decided to cash it in while I was at work today.  I probably spend about an average of $5 a week on scratch offs, only because I work in a grocery store that has a big machine that automatically dispenses 24 different games.  Anyway, I played about 10 tickets worth of various $1 and 2$ games, some losers and some winners.  Anything I won I put back into the machine to try and play for a bigger pot.  Well finally I purchased three $1 tickets and a $2 ticket called Super Slots.  I lost on all three $1 tickets and lost on the first part of the Super Slots game.  Then on part two, where you have to match the winning numbers to your numbers, I won.  I matched the number 8 and won $100.  I called it quits and now I’ve got spending money and can put all of my paycheck directly into the bank.  Sweet.


One more poster for today

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Soon after my last post I made another poster purchase on eBay:

Back to the Future

The basement is finally coming together

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The Blues BrothersThe basement is finally nearing completion.  My mom and I started working on this thing over a month ago, and it’s been a slow process, partially because of my prior commitments with school and other things, and partially because my mom is a better procastinator than I am.

With all that said, the painting is done, although not colors I would have picked (I’m hoping to be gone in a year anyway, so I don’t care too much), and my mom finally decided on a carpet she likes, which took her two weeks to do.  The carpet will be installed next week, which is a hassle because everything – the couch, tables, computer desk, chairs, TV, entertainment center, and shelves – will have to be moved.  I can’t wait until that is finished.

I am now in the process of finding posters to order.  I am going to frame movie posters and hang them all over the basement.  I have found and ordered my first poster.  The Blues Brothers.  My mom was trying to get me to go with a classic movie theme and put up posters of films from the 30’s and 40’s.  I refused.  I want movies that I actually like, own, and watch every now and then.  Picky?  Maybe.  But I don’t care.