Super SlotsI had a $10 winning scratch off in my car from about a week ago and decided to cash it in while I was at work today.  I probably spend about an average of $5 a week on scratch offs, only because I work in a grocery store that has a big machine that automatically dispenses 24 different games.  Anyway, I played about 10 tickets worth of various $1 and 2$ games, some losers and some winners.  Anything I won I put back into the machine to try and play for a bigger pot.  Well finally I purchased three $1 tickets and a $2 ticket called Super Slots.  I lost on all three $1 tickets and lost on the first part of the Super Slots game.  Then on part two, where you have to match the winning numbers to your numbers, I won.  I matched the number 8 and won $100.  I called it quits and now I’ve got spending money and can put all of my paycheck directly into the bank.  Sweet.