If you read my previous blog, then you know about that Da Vinci Code cryptex I won.  Well, those things are selling for a lot on eBay.  The first one is at over $200 as I'm typing this, and it still has over 11 hours to go.  I just put mine up (with the added benefit of free shipping and insurance) and the bidding jumped to $20 in under 20 minutes.  It's a 24-hour auction, so if for some reason you are interested in this collectible, go check out the eBay page I posted for it.  Shipping and insurance won't cost me too much, so I'm expecting to make at least $50 off of this thing after the initial hype dies down.  Hopefully I'll make more, considering I put the auction up for only 24 hours to take advantage of the hype.  I sure would like to see it go up over $200 like that first one.  I could always use a few hundred bucks in my pocket.