One down, two to go

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That's right, kiddies. Uncle Tallin only has two classes (and an internship) left before he is done with college. I rocked CS 111. While official grades won't be out until August, I know I got an A in there. BIO 111 lasts a little less than a month more, and MC 402 (Media Management) starts this Monday. The professor is one of the only professors in the Mass Communications department I've never had, but I hear he is easy in regards to this course.

I am currently counting down to two dates: July 6, when I go to Emmis to officially become an intern, and July 26, the last day of my last course at SIUE. I'll still have the portfolio portion of my internship due on November 27, but I'm not counting that since I don't have to go to a classroom two or three days a week.

I graduated high school five years ago.  This December I'll graduate college.  About time.


Superman Returns

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I'm a Superman nut.  It was one of the main comics I grew up reading, and anyone who knows me knows that I have to see it, no matter what.  I remember first seeing some of the previews for the new Superman movie and being a little disappointed.  I told several people this.  But then I saw the latest batch of trailers, as well as a 2-hour Superman documentary on A&E (the last 15 minutes of which was nothing more than a commercial for the new Superman movie).  I mentioned to a few people how they had raised my hopes because they made the movie look significantly better than my first glimpses into Bryan Singer's portrayal of the Superman ethos.  Now the first crop of reviews are appearing from the critics who screened it early.  It looks like Singer did not disappoint.

NEWSWEEK: "Newcomer Routh may or may not be a real actor, but he effortlessly lays claim to the iconic role, just as Reeve did. Indeed, he virtually duplicates Reeve in the way he plays Kent as a diffident, awkward Midwestern colt."

"Next to Singer's champagne, most recent superhero adventure movies are barely sparkling cider."

VARIETY: ""Why the World Doesn't Need Superman" reads the title of a piece that wins Lois Lane the Pulitzer Prize in "Superman Returns," the latest bigscreen revival of comicdom's strongest and fastest hero. Not only is she wrong in the context of the story (not to mention real life), but she'll be wrong in the court of public opinion once the world gets a look at this most grandly conceived and sensitively drawn Superman saga."

"It's quite sincere, with an artistic elegance and a genuine emotional investment in the material that creates renewed engagement in these long-familiar characters and a well-earned payoff after 2½ hours spent with them."

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "This high-wire act would have gone for naught if Routh had not so capably filled the Man of Steel's costume. Like Reeve, he is just right physically, looking at times like the old comic book drawings of Superman. There is honesty in his acting where the emotions that play across Superman/Clark Kent's face and body come from deep within."

I'm a nerd, yes.  And I'm psyched.

Saturday night’s all right for radio

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It looks like I'll be on another show at WLCA.  Dennis and Chris, the guys I did the Wake Up Show with, are taking over the Saturday night shift, 9pm to midnight, and they invited me back.  I will be more involved this time around.  The morning show was fun, but everyone burned out, especially them.  I had it easy only showing up a few times a week.  They did it five days a week, plus had school and a regular job to worry about.  That's a grueling schedule, and not being paid for the radio portion makes it worse.

It hasn't been fleshed out completely, but the format won't be as strict as it was for the morning show.  We'll be able to do what we want for the most part.  I'm looking forward to it.  I talked to Dennis for quite some time tonight and he said he wants the show to "feel like Saturday night."  I think that would be great.  We're looking for something fast-paced with a mix of mix of music and talk.  I'm using my Backpack account to a page with show ideas because organization is key for me right now considering I've also got school, work, and my upcoming internship and portfolio.

Hopefully the show will start a week after this Saturday.  That's no guarantee, just something we're shooting for.  I'll keep you updated. 

Internship starts in mid-July

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I got an e-mail back from the production internship coordinator at Emmis-St. Louis today.  Emmis has three production interns for all four St. Louis stations (KSHE, KHITS, The Point, and 97.1 Talk) at any given time, and one of them is leaving in mid-July.  I'll be his replacement.  I'm going to the Emmis offices and studios (The Powerhouse) at Union Station on July 6th, where I'll be shown the facilities and fill out some paperwork, including a background check.

I'm supposed to get in 225 hours over 15 weeks, according to the internship requirements at SIUE.  That's 15 hours a week.  Of course, if I hope to make any kind of an impression, I'll be working more.  Luckily I have a job that will work around my schedule and I can basically make my own hours.

Now I'll go back to ridding my computer of some nasty spyware that is slowing down my Internet connection.  Spybot and Spyblaster are both missing it, so I have to go about this manually.  Dammit.

The internship waiting game

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I'm so close to a production internship with Emmis I can taste it.  Several days after sending in my resume I was contacted by the Production Director of 105.7 The Point, who is also the head of the Emmis-St. Louis Production Internship Program.  He said my resume looked great and that they would contact me about a production internship that would be opening in the mid-summer.  After almost two weeks I hadn't heard anything so I decided to send him an e-mail saying that I am still available for this internship.  He sent me an e-mail thanking me for my patience.  Now I'm waiting again, but it looks like I'll get a phone call early next week to set up an interview at the Powerhouse (the part of Union Station where the Emmis offices and studios are located) and explain what exactly this internship entails.

This is an unpaid internship, as it seems nearly all radio internships are, but I want this one really bad.  If I get it, I'll have to do at least 19 hours a week.  I'd like to have a shot at turning this into a job when the internship is over, so I plan on exceeding the minimum and doing as many hours as they can stand me.  If I can get lucky and get a job with them after this is done, I'll have a job before I graduate in December since this internship will likely end in early or late October.

In preparation for the drive to and from St. Louis several days a week, I had some minor problems with my car fixed.  Several hundred dollars later, the brakes still squeal, but apparently it's at a frequency only Kenny and I can hear.  My mom can't hear it, my grandpa can't hear it, my grandpa's mailman can't hear it, and the owner of Tom's Auto Repair (Tom Colbert) can't hear it.  We went on a 10 minute drive around St. Thomas Road and Old Alton Road and he couldn't hear it once, no matter how many times I pointed it out when it happened.

"I believe you, I just hope you believe me.  You by chance don't happen to hear dog whistles, do you?"

No, Tom.  I think you're just getting old, like everyone else.  They say as age increases, the higher frequency threshold decreases, and it seems to be true.  At least I was guaranteed that it wasn't a harmful squeal, and if it gets into the range of "normal human hearing" to go ahead and drive it back to Tom's.

I can deal with it.  I just want to squeal my way to the Powerhouse.