It looks like I'll be on another show at WLCA.  Dennis and Chris, the guys I did the Wake Up Show with, are taking over the Saturday night shift, 9pm to midnight, and they invited me back.  I will be more involved this time around.  The morning show was fun, but everyone burned out, especially them.  I had it easy only showing up a few times a week.  They did it five days a week, plus had school and a regular job to worry about.  That's a grueling schedule, and not being paid for the radio portion makes it worse.

It hasn't been fleshed out completely, but the format won't be as strict as it was for the morning show.  We'll be able to do what we want for the most part.  I'm looking forward to it.  I talked to Dennis for quite some time tonight and he said he wants the show to "feel like Saturday night."  I think that would be great.  We're looking for something fast-paced with a mix of mix of music and talk.  I'm using my Backpack account to a page with show ideas because organization is key for me right now considering I've also got school, work, and my upcoming internship and portfolio.

Hopefully the show will start a week after this Saturday.  That's no guarantee, just something we're shooting for.  I'll keep you updated.