I'm a Superman nut.  It was one of the main comics I grew up reading, and anyone who knows me knows that I have to see it, no matter what.  I remember first seeing some of the previews for the new Superman movie and being a little disappointed.  I told several people this.  But then I saw the latest batch of trailers, as well as a 2-hour Superman documentary on A&E (the last 15 minutes of which was nothing more than a commercial for the new Superman movie).  I mentioned to a few people how they had raised my hopes because they made the movie look significantly better than my first glimpses into Bryan Singer's portrayal of the Superman ethos.  Now the first crop of reviews are appearing from the critics who screened it early.  It looks like Singer did not disappoint.

NEWSWEEK: "Newcomer Routh may or may not be a real actor, but he effortlessly lays claim to the iconic role, just as Reeve did. Indeed, he virtually duplicates Reeve in the way he plays Kent as a diffident, awkward Midwestern colt."

"Next to Singer's champagne, most recent superhero adventure movies are barely sparkling cider."

VARIETY: ""Why the World Doesn't Need Superman" reads the title of a piece that wins Lois Lane the Pulitzer Prize in "Superman Returns," the latest bigscreen revival of comicdom's strongest and fastest hero. Not only is she wrong in the context of the story (not to mention real life), but she'll be wrong in the court of public opinion once the world gets a look at this most grandly conceived and sensitively drawn Superman saga."

"It's quite sincere, with an artistic elegance and a genuine emotional investment in the material that creates renewed engagement in these long-familiar characters and a well-earned payoff after 2½ hours spent with them."

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "This high-wire act would have gone for naught if Routh had not so capably filled the Man of Steel's costume. Like Reeve, he is just right physically, looking at times like the old comic book drawings of Superman. There is honesty in his acting where the emotions that play across Superman/Clark Kent's face and body come from deep within."

I'm a nerd, yes.  And I'm psyched.