That's right, kiddies. Uncle Tallin only has two classes (and an internship) left before he is done with college. I rocked CS 111. While official grades won't be out until August, I know I got an A in there. BIO 111 lasts a little less than a month more, and MC 402 (Media Management) starts this Monday. The professor is one of the only professors in the Mass Communications department I've never had, but I hear he is easy in regards to this course.

I am currently counting down to two dates: July 6, when I go to Emmis to officially become an intern, and July 26, the last day of my last course at SIUE. I'll still have the portfolio portion of my internship due on November 27, but I'm not counting that since I don't have to go to a classroom two or three days a week.

I graduated high school five years ago.  This December I'll graduate college.  About time.