I haven’t been blogging much as of late.  Nobody besides friends read these things anyway, with the exception of my “torrent” blog from a while back that still gets about 50 or so hits a day from people worried about being caught downloading movies and television shows on the Internet.

Well, school is officially done.  It was official last week when some text was added to my transcript saying that I have fulfilled all requirements for my degree.  I’m glad to see that on there.  It’s amazing that college is already over.  Now it will only take SIUE another two to three months to mail me the degree.

The job hunt is off to a slow start.  I started looking seriously in December and have sent in a handful of resumes and two demo tapes.  I’ve had zero calls.  The possible part-time job with Emmis as a board op has all but completely fallen through.  I may still receive a call, but I won’t rely on that, especially with it only being part-time.  I’d prefer something full-time so that I can get away from my job at Leroy’s.  It’s been nearly 7 years at that place, and I’m ready to leave ASAP.  With the exception of money, they’ve been pretty good to me, but talk about a dead end job with no creative outlet.

While many of you know of my radio ambitions, I’m not ruling out other jobs.  I really enjoy creative writing, and that is a skill that can be utilized in advertising and PR.  Those two industries seem to have some exciting job opportunities as well.  The problem is landing those jobs.

I suppose I should get to bed.  Tomorrow is another day of work and job hunting.  Wish me luck.