As of last night, I have officially applied for ten different jobs since graduation. I was only offered one, and I turned it down. That was the only interview I had. One rejection letter seemed promising, but only because they said they would keep my resume on file since they decided to completely discontinue the position rather than hire anybody at all. I suppose it’s one of those jobs that was deemed unnecessary and not “economically viable.”

I will admit that several of my resumes and cover letters have been sent to jobs that are certainly lofty goals for a college grad with hardly any real experience. Two of those were jobs at Anheuser-Busch, while another was at Google. The Google position is still open, but I know that if I get that job it will be like winning the lottery. Anybody who knows anything about their Mountain View, California headquarters will immediately understand this.

There are two other jobs that I’ve applied for that are still open, and both would be great. One is at Emmis, where I interned. I should at least be able to get an interview out of that one since the three people I worked for there all gave me great evaluations and one, Drew Johnson, recommended me for a part-time board operator position that, unfortunately, never came to be.

Hopefully something will turn up soon, because I am getting tired of Leroy’s, and everybody there knows it. I’ve been there nearly seven years and it’s time for something else. Every week is the same and there is no challenge. And the feeling of wanting to leave has increased tenfold ever since I graduated. With graduation came the knowledge that, once I find a job, I can effectively double, even triple, my income. That makes every day spent at Leroy’s more frustrating than the day before.

I’m already on,, Jobster, and several other job sites. But if you know of any openings that haven’t been posted that I might be a good fit for, please, let me know. I need all the help I can get.