I’m still doing my fair share of job hunting. It’s certainly no fun, but I’ve got two recent possibilities, and hopefully at least one of them will land me a position at a radio station. One is with Emmis, the other is KMOX. I’ve got personal recommendations from people on the inside of both places. If a job opportunity arises for which I’m qualified, I now have people who have enough confidence in my work ethic and abilities to recommend me to their bosses, or those in a position to hire me.

I’ll blog something about it later if anything happens, for good or bad.

In other news, I received a call from my doctor today. According to the results of yesterday’s 3-hour glucose tolerance test, I am officially a hypoglycemic. I figured that I was for the past 14 years or so, but I’ve never had a doctor look into it. Last week I went to a doctor because I don’t have a general practitioner and I thought it was time I had one. I mentioned my possible hypoglycemia and he had me do the 3-hour GTT at Quest Laboratories in Granite City yesterday. The results came in today. He said my bloodwork looked great as far as cholesterol and things like that were concerned, but the last blood sample they drew from my arm confirmed my hypoglycemia.  Luckily it’s mild, which means I don’t have to measure and be careful of what I eat.  I still have a “Recommended Hypoglycemic Diet” list that lets me know what foods not to get completely out of control with and overeat.  And that could happen.  Sometimes I just like to eat a lot of something at once.