Saturday, May 26th was my 7-year anniversary at Leroy’s.  That’s a long time to hold on to the same job I’ve had since high school.  Too long.  I’ve been working between 35 and 40 hours per week since I graduated from SIUE.  Now that I’m starting part-time at KMOX, those hours at Leroy’s will be cut in half.  The good thing is I’ll still be able to keep my health insurance.  As long as I can keep at least 12 hours a week, I’ll have insurance.

Tomorrow will be my first day working at KMOX.  I’m really looking forward to it.  It will cost me more money than I’ll be making the first few weeks because I have to purchase a new wardrobe.  KMOX is a completely different atmosphere than Emmis.  Khakis, a button-up shirt and a tie will be the everyday attire at KMOX.  This is clothing I do not have in surplus.  I would have looked like I was working in sales if I had worn that to Emmis everyday.