One of the world’s premier voice actors, James Arnold Taylor recently updated his website and started his own blog, a mix of text and audio. Since I’ve had a long-running love for voice-over work and its technical side, I sent him an e-mail asking about all of the equipment that he uses. Not only did he take the time to send me a reply, he recorded an incredibly detailed audio blog. The MP3 file is 10 minutes long, but it’s great for equipment and VO geeks like me. He even name checks me at the end of the blog (the second time’s a charm).

To get an idea of this guy’s vocal talents, check out his demo page.

Check out this link for his impressive resume, which includes promos for Fox, Leonardo in the recent TMNT movie, Fred Flintstone, and even voice doubling for all kinds of A-list actors. This guy is just awesome.